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3 ways to increase your conversion from it’s current status.

Updated: Oct 18, 2018


Here are the 3 tactics we are sharing with you, that you can test in your business right away.

Firstly – Risk reversal

Any time two parties are interacting for the first time, someone is asking someone to assume the risk. Now we think good businesses take that on their own we suggest you do the same. Sometimes the risk is an actual risk – cost, financial risk, sometimes the risk is the perceived risk. This can be handled through messaging and addressing the question out loud.

The question you want to ask yourself is what are the top 3 to 5 risks my customers have in working with me/anybody in my category. And how can I reverse that risk?

Secondly Descriptive v/s Experiential

Don’t just use descriptions or presentation but give them a demo. What if you were like Baskin and robin’s, you gave them a small pink spoon of ice cream. If I have to explain in a desi style, you have a whole thali of food and you give them one Idli/roti.

What would your “try and buy” demo look like?

The last one around conversion is props.

When you’re selling a service online or offline what could you add to it that will build credibility?

An online example of a prop – video testimonial of your clients and results. An offline example is: we ran a company called Alchemy and we worked with unemployed people. We had handwritten letters that had their picture and contact number. We had collected that from each candidate that got trained and employed. And eventually, we had collected around 300 + testimonials. That was one of our props. Another prop we use during our hack sessions is our framework or hacks. A single sheet that covers the basic minimum you need to get started.

What is your props or tools that you can use in your sales process that you can use to increase your sales conversion?

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