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Want to Scale-up? - SUBTRACT!

Always look for tasks that you can subtract or hand over because time, as we know it, is a LIMITED RESOURCE.

Even if you think you're the one to do it, invest time in TRAINING AND LEVELLING UP your team so you can focus on GROWTH AND NEW GOALS for the future.

What does it mean to subtract?

Think of the 80:20 principle. There is always 20% of the strategic work and growth moves that need you. But the rest, 80% of your work, can and must be removed and handed over to your team.

We train our teams from day one:

✅ Skills they need to learn to take over and hand over later.

✅ Do they have a backup, and are they back up to someone in the team?

✅ Is there a plan for growth at leadership and specific skills levels?

✅ Is there a "time off" system that allows them to take time off so they play powerfully at work?

✅ Last one: We schedule weekly chill time with the team to talk nonsense and laugh out loud.

When we are in, the least we can do is give them a system that allows them to perform at their best and the time off to rest.

The real breakthrough is that you get to do the highest value role in your business.

What is your next high-value role that needs your attention:)?

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