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The Difference between Selling And Serving

Entrepreneurs generally think of selling as convincing the customer to agree with you or your product or service. A simple shift in perspective from ‘selling‘ into ‘serving‘ people can increase sales and customer relations as well!

“You know what? I’m a techie, not a sales guy and I just wish that somebody would handle that side of things for me.” An interesting comment, from an entrepreneur.

Because that is a reflection of how the entrepreneur is thinking about selling, rather than selling itself. The stereotype of a person in sales portrays a high energy individual who bustles around confidently and frankly, most of us aren’t like that.

The way to achieve this is that instead of going to every meeting thinking “This meeting is only a success if I sell”, you want to go in thinking “I want to start a relationship with this person and understand them so well that even if they don’t buy my product, they’ll come back to me anytime they return to my category.” We call this discovery-based selling. The key idea to be grasped here is that when you’ve built a good product, serving is selling and selling is serving.

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