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Is Branding Relevant for Start-ups?

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

“Branding for small businesses huh? That’s just for big companies that have money to spend. It’s not for startups and SMEs.”

We beg to differ. Branding isn’t really about a logo or fancy endorsements. And that is the main misconception people have while thinking about branding for small businesses.

Branding is really about two things:

  1. What you want to be famous for: You can be famous for only one to three words. At Business Sherpa, we want to be famous for hacks.

  2. What you want to leave people feeling: We want to leave people feeling unstoppable. Notice, the subheading doesn’t say ‘What you want to leave clients feeling’.The promise shouldn’t just be true to your customers. It should also be true to your employees.

Thus, branding, seen from a startup or SME perspective is about a promise and what we call a hacker brand makes a promise that challenges the entire category. At Business Sherpa, our promise is to help SMEs and Startups is to grow their profits ten times by hacking various challenges and coaching you to challenge various mental barriers.

That is why we believe branding is critical to helping your small business to stand out and be heard.

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