• Akshay Cherian

Stop Increasing Your Marketing Budget! Start...

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

"We have a big dream and our products are good, but we really need to up our marketing and our marketing budget is small."

The key idea here is leverage. Who else in the ecosystem wants to solve the problem I have a solution for and how can I partner with them and leverage their resources rather than increase the marketing budget.

Very actively we have to look out for associations, godfathers, and influencers. People who are higher up that can open doors for us, for which we have great solutions.

One of our companies that we worked with recently is an analytics firm and they figured out that their leverage partners would be ERP firms.

Therefore, we should consider the question; Who else has the influence, the authority, the need, the money, the connections and What’s the problem that I’m solving and how can I explore collaborating with them.

The key thing here is, don’t manage the limited budget but be creative in the budget itself.

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